Wildflower Century Registration

Date: April 25, 2015
Registration Opens: Sunday, January 4, 2015 at 12:00 noon
Registration Fee: $75

Registration Fills Quickly; NO Day-of-Ride Registration
The ride will be held rain or shine—No refunds will be given

Registration Instructions

We register PEOPLE not BICYCLES, so every rider needs to register separately including those riding tandems.

Register using the following link: Wildflower Registration
Email registration and confirmation questions or problems to: registration@slobc.org

The SLOBC will send a confirmation by email once we have received and processed the information from active.com. This confirmation will include the number you will use when you check-in for the ride. The confirmation will be sent from registration@bbcnet.com, so make sure messages from this address are accepted.

We are not asking you to sign and submit a waiver now. Read the waiver now and be prepared to sign the waiver at check-in. If you are planning on riding and want someone else to sign you in, you must print and give that person a completed and signed Wildflower Waiver Form.

Registration Notes

Use the above link to register and purchase jerseys and T-shirts at Active. Review clothing choices and check size charts under Clothing. All purchases are final, there are no refunds.

You will receive a confirmation email after you have registered with basic ride information. You will also receive a receipt showing what you have purchased. Keep the receipt for your records and in case you choose to transfer your registration–refer to Buy/Sell Registration below.

SLOBC’s Lighthouse Waiver is part of the registration process. Please read and approve it there. You will also be asked to sign a paper copy of the waiver at ride check-in.

We will send a final email two weeks before the ride containing ride information and your SLOBC Packet Number. Bring this email with your Packet Number to ride check-in to minimize wait time!

Buy/Sell Registration Process

The following process must be used if you're registered and want to sell your entry or if you missed registration and want to buy an entry.

Find a Buyer or Seller

Both buyers and sellers should post on Craigslist San Luis Obispo, and use “SLOBC Wildflower” in the title. Identify that you want to "Purchase or Sell a Wildflower Century ride registration."

The registration cost is fixed, it is the same as the seller paid. Sellers may offer a registration to more than one buyer, whoever claims it first gets it, so time is of the essence for buyers. Watch the list, buyers and sellers are constantly changing.

Transfer Using Active.com Only

Transfers must be completed by Midnight on Thursday, April 25

All transfers will be handled electronically through Active.com. This provides a safe financial transaction, a refund to the seller, and charges the buyer the same amount that the seller originally paid for their registration—there is no additional transfer fee. Our records will be updated automatically.

Original Participant (Seller)

The original Participant (seller) needs the buyer’s email address and their own receipt and confirmation e-mails. If you do not have your emails, contact registration@slobc.org to have them re-issued to the original email address.

NOTE: You are only selling your registration. Your clothing order will be canceled and your payment for both your registration and clothing will be refunded. You will NOT receive a refund of the Active Processing Fees or any USAT membership fees (if applicable). The system will NOT refund the original registration and clothing payments until the buyer has accepted and completed the transfer.

There are two ways to enter the transfer process:

1. Seller is the original purchaser and Active account owner
  • The confirmation email will have a “Transfer to someone else” link in the Registration Details. This is a direct entry to the system, use it.
  • Enter and confirm the buyer’s email address and click submit.
2. Seller is NOT the original purchaser or there is no direct transfer link.
  • Log In at myevents.active.com using your own account, or create a new account if you do not have one. Note: The e-mail address for your own account must be unique, not used for any other account.
  • Link your registration to your account. Use the Registration box on the right side of the page. Enter the entire registration number from your confirmation email, beginning with R- , then click Go.
  • With the registration linked, several possible actions show up under “My Events”. Choose the “transfer registration” option.
  • Enter and confirm the buyer’s email address and click submit.

Email registration@slobc.org if you cannot complete the transfer procedure. Provide as much information as you can about your registration and buyer.

Accepting Participant (Buyer)

Buyers should complete their actions ASAP, as sellers may offer registrations to more than one buyer, and the first claimant gets it.

  1. You will receive an email from Active.com to claim a registration.
  2. Click "Claim this registration" in the email.
  3. Sign In to your active.com account or click Sign Up and enter an email address as a new user.
  4. Complete the registration form.
  5. Review cart and check out. You are buying the registration and will pay the standard Active processing fee. At this point the transfer process is complete and the original registration has been cancelled.
  6. You will receive both a confirmation email and a receipt. Bring the Active receipt to registration.

Request for Notification

About two weeks prior to the opening of registration, we will remind everyone in our database that registration will be opening in a couple of weeks.

If you want to be notified and haven't ridden with us before (or if your contact information has changed), send email message to registration@bbcnet.com with the following information

  • Name (required)
  • Address (required)
  • Email address (required)
  • Phone number (optional)