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The San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club is a community of people that promotes and models safe and legal bicycle riding for recreation and transportation. We value riding our bicycles with friends, organizing cycling programs and events, funding bicycle-related organizations and programs and, advocating for laws and infrastructure improvements that support safe cycling.

Membership Benefits

  • Club organized rides in and around San Luis Obispo County every day of the year.
    • Nearly 1,000 rides a year
    • Designed for cyclists of all abilities and desires
    • Emphasis on safety and community
  • Special events throughpout the year
    • Unique rides and social functions
    • Annual Cook-Off
    • Potluck dinners in June and December
    • New Years Day Ride
  • Club meetings with opportunities to enjoy fellowship and programs
  • Influence the direction of local cycling infrastructure, programs and education
  • Raise funds to support the club and local cycling organizations, events and programs
  • Monthly newsletter with information on cycling, club activities, rides, and special events
  • Email groups that keep you informed about rides, activities and events
  • Access to membership directory
  • Discounts at local bike shops
  • Purchase club and event clothing at member prices
  • Groups for club members at RideWithGPS and Strava. You will need a free or paid subscription to RideWithGPS or Strava to join the SLOBC club group.
  • Insurance coverage during club events

Annual Memberships

Annual dues are $20 for Individuals and $30 for Families (2 adults and minor children).

All memberships are renewed annually to support our insurer's requirement that everyone sign waivers yearly. The waivers are built into the online membership process. Waivers can be found at the Resources webpage under Waivers & Forms.

If you have questions about becoming a member, email them to membership@slobc.org.

Membership Payment

The online membership process supports payment through PayPal and by check. Paying through PayPal has the following benefits:

  • Using PayPal does not require that you have a PayPal account.
  • Using PayPal requires no additional input by the Membership Coordinator and your membership is activated immediately.
  • Using a check requires additional processing by the Membership Coordinator and your membership will not be active until your check is received and processed.

An email receipt is automatically sent to a member when the PayPal transaction is completed or the check is received and processed.

Renew Your Membership

Current members renewing their membership go to SLOBC Member Login (opens in a new window), login, click on the Membership tab and complete the renewal process.

Become A New Member

New and returning members go to SLOBC Application (opens in new window) and follow the instructions to complete and submit the form.

Member Clothing Purchases

Century Clothing

Club members can order upcoming Wildflower or Lighthouse Century clothing at member prices only during January and June respectively. Members will receive an email announcement at the beginning and a reminder near the end of each order period.

Pre-ordering century colthing is the only way to guarantee you will get the clothing you want at member prices. Note:

  • Sleeveless and Long Sleeves Jerseys, Wind Shell Vests and Wind Jackets are only available by pre-order
  • Extra-Small and 3X-Large sizes are only available by pre-order

Note: Volunteer for a Century Job and you receive a free T-Shirt. Volunteer for a Captain's job and you can choose to receive a free Jersey. Go to our Century Jobs webpage to volunteer. 

Day of Ride Purchases

A member that chooses to purchase century clothing at the event can do so but must pay the same price as riders.

Unsold Century Clothing

Members can purchase unsold clothing from past Wildflower and Lighthouse Century rides after the ride is finished. To order unsold clothing, send an email to clothing@slobc.org with a description of the item (Event Name, Year, T-Shirt or Jersey, Men's or Women's, and Size). The Clothing Coordinator will let you know if it is available and how it can be purchased.

Product On Demand

The SLOBC has setup a Product On Demand (POD) program with Voler. It is intended to provide riders a last opportunity to buy short sleeve century jerseys. It can be used by members but they will be paying the same price as everyone.

Club Clothing Ordering

Image of club clothing including the jersey, vest and jacket

Club clothing ordering occurs each year during October. You may order Short Sleeve Jerseys, Sleeveless Jerseys, Long Sleeve Jerseys, Wind Shell Vests, Wind Jackets, Thermal Vests and Thermal Jackets in a variety of cuts and materials based on the design shown above.


  • The annual order period will be announced by an email that will include an order link and information.
  • The SLOBC uses the Voler Custom Online Order System for selecting and purchasing club cycling apparel.
  • You will be notified when the clothing is available for you to pickup if you have not chosen to have it mailed to you during the ordering process.