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San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club

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All Eyes, Ears & Voices

To serve the bicycling needs of our community, we need all members and friends to be activists, attend meetings and monitor road conditions.

City and County Governments and Planning Commissions are much more likely to hear and respond to requests when those requests are supported by many people. We can have this affect by creating a roomful of people or a mailbox full of letters or emails.

We also can be advocates by monitoring road conditions. Everyone, on every bike ride, on every drive in our County can keep their eyes open for conditions requiring repair, dangerous obstacles and road repairs that have been done incorrectly. Of these, incorrect repair is a common problem because road workers often do not understand what constitutes a danger for bicyclists.

When directing complaints, refer to "Safety Problem & Bicycling Hazard Contacts" below and always copy your email to the County Supervisor and Bike SLO County. This is an effective way to give add weight to your request by enlarging the circle of people aware of the problem and asking questions as its resolution.

Be firm, clear, specific and polite. There are people in Caltrans and the County who are willing to act on your information. Above all, stop depending on others, become and active advocate. Some agencies have website that support reporting problems. If you know of such a site, let us know and we'll use the links below.

Law Enforcement Non-Emergency Phone Numbers

Call 911 if you are involved in or observe an incident that requires an emergency response.

If you are involved in or witness an incident that does not constitute a 911 response, you can still report the incident to a local law enforcement agency. Listed below are the non-emergency telephone numbers for the law enforcement agencies in our county.

It is suggested that you place these numbers in your cell phone directory in the event that you want to report an incident.

Be prepared to provide some basic information:

  • Your location (This is critical!)
  • Nature of incident
  • Vehicle's description: make, model, color and license number, if possible
  • Vehicle's direction of travel
Entity Phone
Arroyo Grande Police Department 1-805-473-5100
Atascadero Police Department 1-805-461-5051
Grover Beach Police Department 1-805-473-4511
Morro Bay Police Department 1-805-772-6225
Paso Robles Police Department 1-805-237-6464
Pismo Beach Police Department 1-805-773-2208
San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Office 1-805-781-4550
San Luis Obispo Police Department 1-805-781-7317
CHP 1-805-593-3333


Safety Problem & Bicycling Hazard Contacts

Keep your eyes open for road conditions requiring repair or that present dangerous obstacles. Listed below are the telephone numbers for reporting unsafe road conditions.

Entity Phone
CalTrans Public Affairs (State Roads) [M-F 8-5] 1-805-549-3318
SLO County (County Roads) 1-805-781-5252
Arroyo Grande (City Roads) 1-805-473-5460
Atascadero (City Roads) 1-805-470-3148
Grover Beach (City Roads) 1-805-473-4520
Morro Bay (City Roads) 1-805-772-6261
Paso Robles (City Roads) 1-805-237-3861
San Luis Obispo (City Roads) 1-805-781-7190

Listed below are links to online forms for submitting road maintenance requests.

Entity Web Page
CalTrans Customer Service Request
SLO County Road Maintenance Requests
Arroyo Grande RequestTracker
Atascadero City Hall Connection
Grover Beach Request for City Services
Morro Bay Request for Service
Paso Robles Action Request Form (General)
Pismo Beach Citizen Service Request
San Luis Obispo Report An Issue