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San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club

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Riders on Shell Creek RoadPhotographer: Bruce Easton

About Us

The SLOBC, founded in 1971, is a 501.c.4 non-profit organization that promotes safe and legal bicycle riding for recreation and transportation. We love cycling and working together.



To promote safe and legal bicycle riding for recreation and transportation.


A community that encourages and supports bicycling and respects the shared and courteous use of roadways, trails and paths.


  • Riding our bicycles with friends
  • Exploring our environment by bicycle
  • Sharing our transportation system with motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians
  • Organizing cycling programs and events
  • Funding bicycle-related organizations and programs
  • Promoting bicycle safety
  • Advocating for laws and infrastructure improvements that support safe cycling


Based on its Mission, Vision and Values, the SLOBC does the following.


SLOBC Board of Directors

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Officers/Jobs Name/Email
President Maryann Gustafson
Vice-President Rhonda Hooper
Secretary John Colbert
Treasurer Craig Armstrong
Directors/Jobs Name/Email
Membership Marina Michel
Ride Coordinator Tim Rich
Programs Coordinator Carol Dyer
Century Coordinator Max de Armendi
Newsletter Editor Marc Mumby
Advocate Will Benedict
Historian Chris Broome
Safety Barry Rands

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Bob Garing Service Award

In 2001 the club presented Bob Garing with the first "Bob Garing Service Award" in recognition of many years of unselfish service to the San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club."

Each year club members are invited to nominate members whom they feel deserve to receive the Bob Garing Service Award based on the "Nominee Characteristics" listed below. Nominations can be submitted between January 1st and March 31st using the Garing Award Candidate Form.

The committee, made up of past active award recipients as listed below, will evaluate nominees and notify the board of their selection.

Nominee Characteristics

In deciding to submit a nomination, consider the following.

Years of Service (Core Requirement)

  • Minimum Club Membership of 10 Years

Service (Core Requirement)

  • SLOBC Board Member
  • SLOBC Weekly Ride Coordinator or Leader
  • SLOBC Event Coordinator
  • SLOBC Event Volunteer
  • Century Steering Committee Member
  • Wildflower/Lighthouse Captain
  • Wildflower/Lighthouse Volunteer


  • Advocacy of bicycle transportation, facilities and safe riding
  • Service to the bicycling community and community at large
  • Working for improved bicycle conditions
  • Other

Mentor & Role Model

  • Positive force in club culture
  • Mentoring through advice, education and leadership
  • Role model for safe and skilled cycling
  • Role model for using the bicycle as a mode of transportation
  • Active participant in club cycling
  • Other

Bob Garing Service Award Recipients

Name Award Date Status
Bob Garing December 2001 Deceased
Stu Goldenberg June 2004 Active
Janie Goldenberg June 2004 Active
John Rogers June 2005 Deceased
Pat Rogers June 2005 Deceased
Bruce Collier June 2006 Deceased
Joan Petersen May 2007 Active
Robert "Red" Davis August 2008 Deceased
Gail Davis August 2008 Deceased
Tim Long June 2009 Inactive
Shelley Long June 2009 Inactive
Frank Mullin June 2010 Active
Dale Sutliff June 2011 Active
Sharon Sutliff June 2011 Active
Glenn Vanderlinde June 2012 Deceased
Gail Vanderlinde June 2012 Deceased
Dave Abrecht June 2013 Active
William Benedict June 2014 Active
Chris Broome June 2015 Active
Robin Dery June 2016 Active
Kathleen McHugh June 2017 Inactive
Ken Price June 2018 Active
Gary Havas June 2019 Active
Susan McTaggart December 2020 Active