Lighthouse Registration Team Information


  • Registration will be in the cafeteria at Morro Bay High School. Note that we will be inside the cafeteria this year.
  • Setup consists of setting up tables, putting up posts, attaching range signs, getting check in lists, Lighthouse Wristbands, BBQ Bands, Bike Numbers, Patches and Route Slips.
  • List of registered riders with numbers will be posted. Operations – one line for supporting volunteers and finding numbers for riders who don’t know them.
  • Six lines for registration. Must sign our waiver (implied by title at top of sign in sheet). Give them their Lighthouse Wristbands, BBQ Bands, Bike Numbers, Patches and Route Slip.
  • Record the Bike Number on the registration list by their name.
  • Verbally caution the riders to ride carefully – Part of our agreement with CalTrans
  • Verbally remind riders that different routes start at different times – refer to the route slips
  • Two of these lines will be handing out pre-sold clothing bags. Two people will support the lines to find the appropriate bags.
  • The other lines won't have any clothing bags.
  • EVERYONE doing the ride must provide photo ID and sign-in for themselves (NO serarate waivers)
  • If the rider is a minor, they must have a separate waiver signed by the parent. (This is the only situation where we use a separate waiver)

Friday Night

  • Be at Morro Bay High School no later than 3:00 PM
  • Our official hours are 4 PM to 7 PM
  • TBD is to bring Registration supplies to the Volunteer meeting the Thursday before, or deliver supplies to Registration Friday at 3pm
  • Robin Dery will bring water and cups
  • Count number that checked in on Friday night
  • We’ll order pizza at 5pm
  • We will leave the stuff inside the cafeteria

Saturday Morning

  • Be at Morro Bay High School no later than 6:15 AM
  • Our official hours are 6:30 AM to 9:00 AM
  • TBD will get coffee from Starbucks and bring it to the high school
  • The setup should be (mostly) done from the night before
  • Total up number of "no-shows"
  • Give unclaimed clothing bags to clothing sales people
  • Give check in lists to Robin Dery
  • There will be donuts, bagels and coffee